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Embedding Instagram Videos and Photos

Malenka Warner

July 22, 2013

Is Instagram a part of your digital marketing strategy? Have you tried getting more out of your photos by embedding Instagram videos and photos on your site? It’s a simple way to get more reach and potential engagement from your content.

Recently, Instagram announced that users can now easily generate embed codes for photos and videos via a desktop browser and utilize wherever HTML is embeddable.

How to embed Instagram videos and photos

The process to embed Instagram videos and photos is straight forward.

Step 1: From a desktop web browser, go to Select the photo or video you want to embed, then click on the three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner.

How to Embed Instagram

Step 2:
Click ‘Embed.’

How to Embed Instagram

Step 3:
Click ‘Copy Embed Code.’

How to Embed Instagram

Step 4:
Paste the HTML code into your blog, website or article and publish.

Here’s an embedded video from the What’s Up Interactive Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has become a social sharing beast. If Instagram was a high school student, he would get voted “Most Popular.” There are currently 130 million monthly active users “liking” more than 1 billion posts a day. Since Instagram began, 16 billion photos have been shared.

This powerful platform opens up a visual outlet for brands to get quick visual and graphical messages to various audiences. Informal in nature, Instagram allows brands to have a personality.

Hashtags are king, and a strategic way brands can interact with their audiences. Brands and businesses add hashtags to their photos with specific names to extend their reach. Always make sure you do your research to see which hashtags your fans are using when talking about your brand. Don’t look spammy! Limit the amount of hashtags you add with your post, and make sure they are relevant.

In order to maintain effectiveness, brainstorm creative ways to keep your audience engaged. Hold contests to promote your brand, encourage users to share photos that pertain to your brand, you can even offer rewards for the best photo or most likes.


How to Embed Instagram