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What's Up?

About UsInteractive marketing - We get it.

Delivering it is our thing. Most agencies are savvy, but they don't have anything on us. At What's Up, we embrace our geekiness. Our creative geniuses deliver digital experiences, engaging strategy and marketing awesomeness to some of the biggest local and global brands. We reach your customers on the platform where they are. That's it.

Yeah, we've been in the game for 20 years. That doesn't make us old, it makes us wise. Wise enough to listen. To learn. To inspire. Call us overachievers. We call it passion.

We live it. We love it.

We're an interactive agency by trade, but it's more than that. We dance to it in the mirror. Crazy enough to stand in line for the coolest new gadget, yet capable to still deliver on time. We're a hyper-connected bunch with friends, followers, badges and mayorships.

Have you ever seen a duck playing the lottery, drinking a coke in a fish tank? We haven't either. But with a little collaboration and creative genius, anything is possible.

Seriously though, team What's Up joins forces to deliver simple solutions to complex business challenges. We'd love to share a little bit of it with you.

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