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What Google says goes: The search giant’s big bets for 2011

Malenka Warner

February 18, 2011

Last week I got the opportunity to hear insights from three key industry players at AMA’s Technology SIG. The players? Google, Facebook and AOL. The topic? 2011.

At last week’s AMA Marketing Technology SIG, everything from location based trends to online advertisement to gaming was covered. My biggest takeaway was Jay Bowden’s unveiling of Google’s Big Bets for 2011. Cue the drum roll…

1. Cloud computing
From Google’s perspective the cloud is a way to connect consumers to products. Their Chrome browser lives completely in the cloud & Google’s top priority is looking to spread and launch more initiatives within the cloud.

Take a look at what we are doing with our cloud here at What’s Up!

2. E-commerce
Truly, there isn’t a need for the “E” anymore – online buying has become just as much common ground as the traditional brick-and-mortar. People buy online, a lot. It’s that simple. This year Google will be focusing efforts to optimize their presence in the commerce marketplace.

3. Mobile
There is no denying it- it is the year of mobile. Google has seen an astonishing 500% growth in mobile search queries. Funny part? Internet users are beginning to reach for the smallest screen first- mobile devices are becoming the preferred device over laptops and desktops for Internet use. Be on the look out for rollouts in the Android app market and overall Android updates.

4. Display & Video
Display ads and branded channels are booming for Google’s YouTube. Perfect recent example – The Darth Vader Volkswagen Super Bowl ad that was strategically leaked 1 day early. Where were people viewing the ad? On The Volkswagen branded, ad placed YouTube channel. Yes, it cost Volkswagen an arm and a let, but it was a big win for them. They’ve gotten 25+ million views on YouTube alone! Google wants to continue to grow their offering to companies by providing a platform for their campaigns to thrive.

5. Search
Google will always have a focus on search. Duh, right?

What stood out the most with me was #3. There is no denying the stats:

Americans are using their mobile devices less and less for phone calls (shocking right) and more and more for browsing the Internet and Apps.

What does this all mean for marketers? We are seeing a rise of “3 Screen Viewers” – these are people using multiple devices to access the Internet – like, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, iPods, etc. The challenge is now to learn how these 3 Screen Viewers (and 4 Screen in the case of the uber-nerds) are interacting with and using the devices differently and how this ultimately effects their behavioral tendencies and buying patterns.

What device do you reach for first to use the Internet? How do you use your devices differently?