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Top Uses For Smartphones

Malenka Warner

January 4, 2013

We asked 40 mobile users what they use their smartphones for the most. The results may surprise you.

The question: “Besides calls and texts, what do you use your mobile smartphone for the most?

The answer: Email!

Email came out on top with 65% of respondents picking it as their top use, over social media (15%), navigation (12%), games and music.

The age of respondents seemed to be a factor in how they use their smartphones. Respondents aged 40-60 were more likely to pick email as their top use; navigation and social media were more popular with people ages 20-40.

Other findings from our top uses for smartphones survey:

• More Republicans than Democrats picked email as their No. 1 use.
• More married people use their phones for email than those who are single.
• Males prefer to use their phones for email, while females use navigation and social media.

Just for fun, here is a peak at my first 2 screens of apps on my iPhone.


What does it all mean?

Email strategies are more important than ever. Simply pushing out a general promotional email to everyone just wont cut it anymore. Knowing who your audience is, what devices they’re using and what their patterns of usage are will help you target and drive to your conversion goals.

Analyzing your database and understanding who opens from a mobile device and what actions those mobile users are most likely to do will help you create content to target those users. Now is the time for marketers to capitalize on these top uses for smartphones.

So, what do YOU use your smartphone for the most?

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