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Google Android 4.3 Features

Kenny Alvarez

Front End Developer

July 29, 2013

The newest version of Google’s Android Jelly Bean operating system, Android 4.3, was announced on July 24th. The latest version comes with some new features for better performance and device management by the user.

The biggest feature of Android 4.3 is multi-user restricted profiles. In Android 4.2.2, multiple user profiles became available, and the newest update lets users control the usage of apps for each profile. Parents will benefit the most from this feature as they can limit time in apps and what their children can do while using the device.

With a restricted profile, apps and games will behave differently. For example, parents can restrict a child’s profile and not worry about them using any in-app purchasing while playing games. Restrictions can be configured from the primary user’s settings menu.

The next big feature is Bluetooth Smart Technology. This update allows users to connect to newer accessories that use Bluetooth Smart without draining your battery. Fitness apps that use things like heart monitors will make use of this new feature.

Support for Open GL ES is a graphics update that makes the device more efficient while displaying graphics. Wi-Fi scan-only mode is an added feature that lets Google’s location scan networks even if Wi-Fi is off. This allows for better location accuracy without draining battery life.

Overall, Android 4.3 contains a lot of performance enhancements that the average user may not notice, but they’re updates that made sense to make available to users without making them wait longer for the next generation Android operating system.

Image: Google


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