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Feb 06

LinkedIn Becoming the Yelp for B2B

Keith Meade

Have you checked out company pages on Linkedin lately?

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Jan 23

Hi. I'm a Leading Indicator. I See Good Things Coming.

Richard Warner

Economic recovery always seems to become official six months after we start experiencing it.

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Jan 20

How B2B's Are Using Social Media

Malenka Warner

B2C's and B2B's both use social media. And both are about driving business (just in slightly different ways)

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Jan 19

Kodak Bankruptcy Business Lesson

Richard Warner

Regarding Kodak's Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a quote that should resonate for every company:

“If you’re not willing to cannibalize yourself, others will do it for you."
- Mark Zupan, dean of the University of Rochester’s business school

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Jan 16

The Biggest Challenge a CEO Faces

Richard Warner

It's not a crowded marketplace or how much to charge for services. It's being simpatico.

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