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Feb 16

Content is King - But Only When It Reigns

Hagan Froemming

If you build it, they will come. True.
But will they stay, purchase, and return again?

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Feb 16

Google's Broken Promise

Daniel Andrews

I don’t know if I’d say they’re “evil” now, but as Google has to fight more and more for eyeballs on their ads, you’re going to see a bit more aggression in their tactics to get users to stick around on their empire of sites for longer periods of time.

Because ultimately, you’re a product they’re selling to advertisers.

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Feb 06

LinkedIn Becoming the Yelp for B2B

Keith Meade

Have you checked out company pages on Linkedin lately?

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Jan 23

Hi. I'm a Leading Indicator. I See Good Things Coming.

Richard Warner

Economic recovery always seems to become official six months after we start experiencing it.

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Jan 20

How B2B's Are Using Social Media

Malenka Warner

B2C's and B2B's both use social media. And both are about driving business (just in slightly different ways)

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