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May 04

Mobile Development Strategies

Malenka Warner

Quite a kerfluffle going on around mobile development strategies.

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Apr 20

Importance of Authentic Storytelling on the Web

Chris Stanfield

More than 30,000 years ago, man certainly wasn’t tweeting about their latest hunting excursion, but that didn’t mean people didn’t know about it. Even then -- in the absence of technology and the Internet -- people understood the importance of communication.

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Apr 10

New iPad Features

Daniel Andrews

The new iPad features are centered around one thing - its new display, packing four times as many pixels in the same area as the iPad 2. What this means for users is a crystal-clear display capable of making you forget you are looking at a computer screen, and also makes reading text or looking at photos a true joy. But if you already have one, are the new iPad features worth buying a new one?

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Apr 06

Brands on Pinterest

Hagan Froemming

In today’s social media market space, marketers are clamoring to find ways to profit from Pinterests’ ever-gaining popularity. No longer are intuitive brands satisfied with awareness, they want Pinterest users to look to the social platform as a gateway to their sites and products.

See how brands have pioneered the promotional side of Pinterest.

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Apr 03

Retina Display on the iPad

Daniel Andrews is now serving retina images to new iPads. What they’ve chose to do is load the regular images for the site and then if the device requesting the page is a new iPad with the retina display, they use javascript to replace the image with a high-res version of it.

Doesn’t really work for everyone (because of bandwidth concerns), but for Apple it’s more about promoting that insanely nice display in any way possible.

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