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Mar 05

Google’s Project Tango

Kenny Alvarez

Google’s Project Tango likely will change how we use our smartphones. Project Tango is an Android phone that uses 3D mapping technologies like those used on the Mars rover to give mobile phones 3D mapping capabilities. The current prototype is a 5-inch phone that tracks the full 3D motion of the device and creates a map of the environment. Sensors on the device allow it to make more than a quarter million measurements every second, so your 3D model is updated in real-time.

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Feb 28

DSLR Cameras and the Impact on Filmmaking

The exponential growth of technology is impacting everything, including digital media. In the Video Department at What’s Up Interactive, we use digital camcorders and DSLR cameras with video capability to film our productions. We then use non-linear editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects making the process fast and leaving a lot of room for experimenting and allowing our creativity to grow.

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Feb 19

Phonebloks: From Concept to Reality

David Powell

Broken screens, poor battery life, old cameras, and not enough memory on a $600 phone, you bought only a year ago. Most of us have dealt with at least one of these frustrating issues. The biggest problem is we end up replacing our devices when, in reality, the rest of the phone is perfectly fine. The battery life may be fading, but the phone takes great photos still; you’ve dropped your phone and cracked the screen but there is plenty of storage and the phone is just as fast as when it was new. Any of these sound familiar?

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Feb 10

A Little Bird Told Me: Social Media in College

Jenna Dundore

It’s no secret that Twitter has long been a twenty-something’s game. We record our every move, retweet our favorite articles, live tweet during our Thursday night television shows - the works. With the snappiness of the platform, and easy accessibility on mobile phones, it’s every college student’s dream social network. But what about everyone else? How about our superiors, and the professionals we follow at beck and call in hopes of landing the perfect job? I’m finding that Twitter is much more than just 140 characters of entertainment. It’s evolving into 140 characters of success.

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Feb 06

How Social Media Changed the Narrative of Atlantarctica 2014

Jemma Borocz

The headlines of January 29th, 2014 were an embarrassment to any Atlanta resident. We were the poster city for poor planning. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN — you name it — all stations talked about how only 2 inches of snow shut down one of the largest cities in the US. Plenty of criticism was thrown at city and state government by the citizens and the rest of the country. And everyone, whether they had experienced the disaster or not, had an opinion about where things went wrong.

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