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Mar 07

Google Plus Features and Advantages

David Powell

I like to use a “college bar” analogy to describe today’s social media.

Facebook is like the undergrads … the newbies. They move in packs and their conversations are primarily “surface level.”

Twitter is the guys at the bar focused on football. They may communicate in short bursts to their fellow “guys at the bar” but their attention is primarily on the game.

Google Plus is the graduate students. They drink high-end beer and engage in meaningful discussions.

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Mar 01

How to Choose a CMS

Scott Wright

If your company has decided to redesign their web site make sure you are asking the right questions. Having a firm understanding of the primary business goals for the site will help to choose a CMS that is right for your organization.

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Feb 20

The World is Changing, and Strategies Need to Adapt Along The Way

Keith Meade

As a parent of two young children, I often receive this advice from other parents: As soon as you think you have it figured out, kids change and challenge you in different ways. So true.

This video from Eddie Obeng at a TED event helps illustrate how the changes we see in children is only beginning to address how fast the world is changing right now. Especially the technical and digital spaces in which we live.

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Feb 12

How To Create a Secure Password

Scott Wright

You know you need to have more secure passwords, but somehow it never happens. Here are a few options to get you going in the right direction.

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Feb 04

Super Bowl Commercials Review: Touchdowns, Field Goals and Fumbles

Chris Stanfield

During a night of key plays and clichés, Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials mirrored the game itself and left me inspired, laughing and in the end wanting more.

So I present to you, in all my Monday morning quarterback glory, my list of Super Bowl commercial touchdowns, field goals and fumbles.

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