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May 23

The price tag of success

Richard Warner

How much do you charge for what you do? Most young companies make one key mistake and wind up growing slower and less profitably as a result. Are you trying to be a disruptor by charging less? Planning on charging a premium?

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May 20

Advanced behavioral marketing

Jasmine Maleknia

Power doesn't come in data. Power comes in knowing how to use the data you have! The concept of behavioral marketing stems from the notion of being more deliberate and focused. Learn how you can utilize behaviors to drive conversions.

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May 16

Setting goals for team engagement

Hagan Froemming

Goal setting is often associated with productivity: things we want to achieve, metrics to prove we reached success, and the satisfaction that comes with achievement and the energy we draw from that. I want to put a twist on traditional goal setting to focus on the advantages that it provides to team morale.

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May 03

Converge SE 2013

Daniel Andrews

On the weekend of April 26-28, a few members of the What's Up Interactive development team made the trip from Atlanta to Columbia, South Carolina to attend the 2013 Converge SE conference. Converge is a web design / development conference that takes place in downtown Columbia and focuses on topics including html/css, javascript, mobile, marketing and more.

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Apr 23

Social Media Impact on SEO

Jasmine Maleknia

Gone are the days of basic on-page optimizations and hello to the innovative use of social media to impact your SEO efforts. Social media activity has proven itself beneficial outside of just community engagement. The social media impact on SEO can help your ability to rank for keywords and grow  brand exposure in search engines.

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