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Sep 11

Content Is King

Jacqueline LaScala

Among the digital services we offer at What’s Up Interactive, a key area of focus is content development.  It is our passionate belief that “content is king,” meaning that WHAT you say is as important as HOW you say it.  

We often find ourselves educating clients about how crucial it is to be thoughtful about how their brands are portrayed, not just on their websites, but within social environments, as well.  How you represent your brand in the digital realm can make or break you, and many-a-brand has been doomed by taking shortcuts that diminish consumers’ perception of value.

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Aug 19

Your Klout Scores

Meghan Stoneburner

Your online personal brand influences more than you might expect. Thankfully, an awesome company called Klout has found a way to track your social engagement to determine just how socially powerful you really are.

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Aug 19

Never Eat Alone

Richard Warner

A few years ago, Keith Pepper found himself in what you would think was a great situation.

His company, Purchasing Power, was enjoying strong growth. Customers loved its concept: Thousands of employees at dozens of companies combined their buying power to purchase consumer goods at a discount. Lenders loved the concept because the debt was covered through payroll deduction.

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Aug 13

Nexus 7 Features

David Powell

Last month, Google released the Nexus 7 v2 with enhancements to its cameras, screen, device size and more. A rear-facing camera, second rear speaker and a change in the screen size were the only notable cosmetic changes, keeping the majority of the updates to the hardware and software of the device. Google kept the soft touch feel of the back of the device, color, buttons, and inputs consistent between the two devices.

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Jul 31

Social Media Management Tools We Love

Meghan Stoneburner

Have you ever wanted to compare your company’s social media influence against your competitors but didn’t know where to start?

You might be surprised by how many social media management tools are available for you to easily and quickly compare your business against other related businesses on every social media site available.

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