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Nov 13

Android 4.4 KitKat Features

Kenny Alvarez

KitKat, Android’s new operating system, has been released and will come installed on the latest Android phone, the Nexus 5. This version of Android comes with many new features, and here are some of them that I found exciting.

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Nov 05

Advertising on Instagram: What the Social Giant is Doing Right

Jemma Borocz

With the time paid to social media these days, it’s only natural that brands want to be involved. As TiVo and On-Demand changed the way people watched television and newspapers and magazines turned digital, brands have had to get more creative in order to reach their audiences, which are not only more spread out than before, but also less attentive.

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Nov 04

Using Photos to Brighten Up Your Google Plus Brand Page

Meghan Stoneburner

Google +, the ugly stepchild of social media sites, has slowly edged its way into the permanent realm of everyday society. We may all think that Google + is the unpopular way to be social, but for businesses, their Google plus brand page should be their most important social media profile. Why? Because Google says so.

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Oct 31

Routine Tasks in a Digital World

Scott Wright

Today is my birthday. While that probably doesn’t mean much to you, it means a lot to me. In addition to the usual celebrations and reflecting on another year on the planet, my birthday is a reminder to me to take care of some routine technical / security tasks. I also do these same tasks on my anniversary in March.

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Oct 23

Insights on How to Build an Agency

Jasmine Maleknia

Our CEO Richard Warner sat down (ok fine, he did a Google Hangout) with Jason Swenk, a fellow agency guru, to discuss how to build an agency and provide insights on how What’s Up Interactive has grown over 24 years.

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