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Feb 03

The Social Super Bowl

Meghan Stoneburner

Normally when your team is losing the big game or even worse, never made it there to begin with, you can at least rely on the ridiculously expensive Super Bowl commercials to keep you entertained. There was no such luck on Sunday night.

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Jan 30

Lessons from 10 Hours Stuck in Atlanta Storm Traffic

Richard Warner

Tuesday was surreal and unforgettable. Driving from the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta to my home in Dunwoody about 13 miles away took over 10 hours. There were times when I wasn’t sure I would make it, times when I saw people in perilous situations and several hours where traffic didn’t move an inch.

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Jan 21

Will you pay for online content? No? Don’t be so sure.

Richard Warner

Are you paying to read online content? For years, most of us would say no — we get whatever we need for free from Yahoo or Google. But “free” isn’t a business model. Online content costs a lot of money to produce and online advertising won’t ever cover those costs.

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Jan 16

Is Traditional Social Media A Dying Breed?

Jemma Borocz

I was under the impression that simply being part of the generation that created social media meant that I would forever be at the forefront of it — that I would not only know about all of the networks but understand them as well.

As social media grew into an industry and a necessary part of every business’s marketing strategy, I kept up. From Twitter and LinkedIn to Instagram and Pinterest, I had an account on every platform and engaged with each. Then came Snapchat, the first social app that actually had me asking, “What is this all about?” And if that wasn’t enough, I was compounded by a teen’s astute observation that Facebook is for “old people.” And that had me wondering: When did I get old in the world of social media?

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Jan 09

Mobile Apps- Trends Affecting SEM

Jasmine Maleknia

We’re all using mobile apps. In fact, we’re spending 80% of our mobile time in apps as opposed to in a browser. So what, right?

Well, if you are focusing efforts on search marketing, your strategies may be affected. Mobile app trends are showing less and less people using browsers, thus less and less use of search engines. As your audience shifts towards apps, your ability to reach a large number of people via optimizations will slowly lessen because they aren’t using search engines.

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