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Nov 25

Elevate Program Assists Start-Ups in Atlanta

Jasmine Maleknia

We’re excited to launch our new program called Elevate! As a local Atlanta start-up in 1989, we understood the difficulties new companies faced with branding, connecting with the desired audience and keeping up with growth. Since Atlanta has “elevated” as the digital-hub of the south, we wanted to create a program that will help facilitate Atlanta’s digital growth for years to come(hence the name).

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May 16

Setting goals for team engagement

Hagan Froemming

Goal setting is often associated with productivity: things we want to achieve, metrics to prove we reached success, and the satisfaction that comes with achievement and the energy we draw from that. I want to put a twist on traditional goal setting to focus on the advantages that it provides to team morale.

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Mar 13

Take the First Steps in B2B Content Marketing

Eric Thaiss

So you've heard a lot about "B2B Content Marketing” and feel like you should probably be doing something. But what? Before you start writing anything, consider a few fundamental points.

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Feb 20

The World is Changing, and Strategies Need to Adapt Along The Way

Keith Meade

As a parent of two young children, I often receive this advice from other parents: As soon as you think you have it figured out, kids change and challenge you in different ways. So true.

This video from Eddie Obeng at a TED event helps illustrate how the changes we see in children is only beginning to address how fast the world is changing right now. Especially the technical and digital spaces in which we live.

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